John Pavlovitz: “What Many Christians Can’t See About The Culture War”

John Pavlovitz: “So many American evangelicals have existed for so long in a materialistic, affluent, largely white, male-dominated religious bubble, that they mistakenly believe they are by default, living out the radical, upside-down mission of Jesus, in the face of the dangerous, unbelieving outside world. In reality though, they’ve simply created a third player in the culture game; something not fully mainstream and Godless, yet something not as much like Christ as they believe, either—but the conflicted, ironic love child of Christianity and Culture.”

john pavlovitz


Words are really funny things.

If we misuse them long enough, our familiarity can begin to fool us and we gradually go a bit blind. Over time, we can come to think (with great confidence) that we’re using them correctly; that we’re speaking pure, unbiased truth whenever we brandish them, simply because they sound right to our now-adjusted ears.

Christians aren’t exempt from this phenomenon.

If you spend time with us religious folk, you’ll inevitably stumble upon one of our all-time favorite buzzwords: Culture. It’s everywhere we are.

On any given day you can find endless social media chatter among Evangelical Christians debating “culture”, and the “culture wars”, and lots and lots of talk of us, “fighting the culture”. There’s recently been a great deal of similar discussion surrounding the promotional push for a new book by popular pastor David Platt, whose forthcoming Counter Culture, seeks to once again position Christianity (as represented by The Church) as the sole solution…

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John Pavlovitz: “What Many Christians Can’t See About The Culture War”

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